Saving Her Pilgrim Soul

My God, my soul is weary. My heart is tired and my body broken. Now I walk this narrow path, full of labors untold, this journey of devotion and service, ever working for the glory of You who has saved me. Lord, in Your mercy, give me strength to continue. This solitary path, an oath of loneliness and poverty, down the ever winding roads of sorrow.

I am a wanderer, a pilgrim soul. Physically I have traveled little, but my soul has traveled beyond measure, beyond logic. I was alone for so long with seemingly endless nights of terror and desperation in my youth. Struggling to hide my true and meek heart and conform to the expectations of this world; A world of madness.

And then my sweet Lord, from the darkness you showed me Your light. A voice in the silence and listening ears to finally hear the cries of my heart in this world. Someone to walk by my side. Someone who’d sung those same songs of sorrow as I. You showed me a love like I’d never known before. You removed the veil from our eyes and our seeking hearts were finally one.

“But one man loved the pilgrim soul in you, and loved the sorrows of your changing face.” – William Butler Yeats

He embraced the darkness of my past. A man of God who honors the courageous spirit of devotion and womanhood written on my heart. He delights in me, he enjoys my personality, and he offers his unending compassion without exception. He loves me as Christ loves His bride. He is mine and I am his. My beloved. My husband.

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