Oh, but God

I admittedly haven’t been as transparent online as I used to be. My blogging and podcasting have dwindled in recent months and social media posting is following close by. If it wasn’t for the few loyal friends sticking around for the ride, I would likely just log off again for a good long while.

Truth is, I’ve been fighting a bad fibromyalgia flair this past week which equates to constant full body pain, brain fog, and extreme fatigue, despite my best efforts, making it difficult to think straight and move about my usual chores and activities. Some old grief has also showed up and caught me by surprise in the past few days around several people from the past, weighing heavily on my heart. And resources are tight making me unable to take the steps I would like to nutritionally for my health.

Oh but GOD… How He is good!

In the midst of this pain, this struggle, He lifts my spirit and I fly on wings like eagles. He leads me into places that still continue to amaze me and gives me opportunities and opens doors into things I still can’t quite believe I’ve been called to. It’s incredible. The REAL truth is, I am blessed beyond words. God has given me the desires of my heart and although it may not look exactly like I thought it would and I still face difficult days and seasons, He hasn’t failed me. He has always been there, lifting me up, giving me everything I needed for His purposes in every moment.

Friends, when all hope seems lost and you feel like throwing in the towel, do not lose site of the great many blessings in your life. Just pause a moment and count them all the next time you’re tempted to think otherwise. Life has hard things in it, difficult seasons for everyone, I know how true that is. And it’s ok to talk about the hard stuff because we should be able to be open and get the support from our tribe that helps us keep pushing forward towards surrender and healing again. But it seems to me there’s far too many extremes in the world of social media and blogging. It’s either all highly exaggerated perfection or nonstop complaining.

This is a friendly reminder that it’s ok to find a balance in your online world. It’s ok to have hard days and beautiful days and normal boring days and incredible fascinating days and to share them all with the people you love. It’s ok to be real, but don’t forget to keep giving all that real you to God every step of the way, through all the ups and downs. He sees you, He’s with you. And only He can really handle all your stuff. 

So this is me, being real tonight, admitting I’m having a hard time currently. Even though last week was really great, this week feels really hard. And I know this too shall pass. But not God. He never sleeps, He’s always leading the way for me and for you.

Rest in Him.

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