Norther Vine Design Co

Norther Vine Design Co is my visual arts brand featuring photography, painting, illustration, and digital designs.

The primary definition of a norther is a storm, a strong cold northern wind. For me, this word symbolizes the trials we all must face in this life as we grow and learn. The word is also symbolic of the vision behind most of my creative projects. Being located in the Pacific Northwest, the cold, windy, wet weather of the region is a big source of inspiration for my art. The earthy browns, oranges, and greens and blueish grays are my favorites. But beautiful as the storms may be, they often carry with them trepidation and uncertainty.

And that’s why I choose stay in the vine. It symbolizes staying rooted in those storms by staying rooted in Christ. When we dwell in the vine with grit and unwavering faith, we are able to face countless obstacles while remaining firmly planted. And that is what inspires my work at Norther Vine. We all have the freedom and ability to stay rooted and thrive through every storm we face, whether personal or professional.

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