Episode 12 – Have We Forgotten How to Rest?

Sometimes it takes a severe sickness to make a girl stop and truly rest for a few days without phones, computers and distractions. So after being laid out flat for the past three days with a stomach virus, I had an epiphany. Have we forgotten in this society what it means to truly rest? Even in our “down time” and “days off” we are constantly filling our mind space and time with stuff, consuming technology and information at record speeds.

Friends, this chronic busy stress is brutal. Why do we do this to ourselves? Our society has forgotten the sweet art of doing nothing, like REALLY nothing. And in turn, we’re never giving our minds and bodies the real rest they need; the time free of outside input. So my question is, does this lack of true rest contribute to all the chronic mental and physical health struggles we’re seeing today? And how about the lack of motivation or ambition we too often see in today’s youth and young adults? Could it all be connected? Food for thought…

Here’s the TEDX video mentioned in today’s episode: bit.ly/2T56JcF

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