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3 Tenets of a Forever Marriage

It’s been an incredible journey these past few years, learning how to be a godly woman, a good wife, and an intentional mother. I’ve been with my forever husband going on four years years now. And when I say FORVER HUSBAND, that’s a statement I am very confident in saying. But my current understanding of marriage and foreverness is actually quite new and revolutionary to me. The idea of marriage … Read More

Making a House a Home

This is a shout out of love to all the homemakers out there. Cheers to us all, because we all know that this is a difficult job, but our presence in the lives of our people, whether acknowledged or not, is priceless. ♥ It’s been a long and fully packed seven days moving my family this past week and we’re finally settling into our new home. Through the moving process I’ve had a lot … Read More

31 Days: An Experiment in Biblical Womanhood

A person’s walk with God is such an incredibly unique and intimate journey. No two paths are ever identicle and that is nothing to be ashamed of. It’s a wonderful gift we have been given, our individuality. Over the past 30 years, there have been some pieces of my identity that have remained in my heart even during the years I spent running from God. One of which is my personal inclination towards a traditional … Read More