Proving Them Wrong

“There are resurrection themes in every society that has ever been studied, and it is because not just only do we fantasize about the possibility of resurrection and recovery, but it actually happens. And it happens a lot.” – Sherwin B. Nuland It’s been over a year since taking my very last dose of psychiatric medication and honestly, I’m doing better than I EVER did while I was medicated. Since … Read More

Surviving the Wilderness

We cannot go back to the way things were. Slaves to pharmaceuticals, to technology, to materialism, to vanity, to ego. And now we wander the wilderness. It is barren and lonely, uncertain and daunting, but the alternative, a comfortable misery, is void of life. We cannot live there. There is no truth in that dwelling. There is only illusion and pain. Why can’t they leave us alone? We’ve found our own way outside of the fray and … Read More

No Regrets

“And if anyone will not receive you or listen to your words, shake off the dust from your feet when you leave that house or town.” -Matthew 10:14 (ESV) I’ve walked away from many relationships over the past two years. Those people may never understand my decisions, but I don’t regret a thing. I did my best, in some cases for many years, to help them grow and understand me … Read More

The Importance of Letting Go

“You cannot change the people around you, but you can change the people you choose to be around.” – Unknown Human consciousness is shifting. We are splitting in two very different ways as a society. While one group moves closer to chaos, war, violence, and consumerism, the other is shifting more towards spiritual growth, minimalism, and peace. The second group’s awareness is expanding and the shedding of the people, things, … Read More

A Letter to My New, Blended Family

Dear new blended family, I know this has all happened very suddenly yet slowly at the same time. I don’t know you all very well, some of you not at all, but I hope that will change one day. I do very much enjoy the time we’ve had together so far. From what your father has told me and the time I’ve spent with some of you, I think you’re all … Read More

Ravage Me

Ravage me, Spark my soul. Draw me in, Oh glory of the Universe! This cosmic love, This feast of feelings, Deep in my bones, All knowing, all consuming. Your eyes burn for me, My being hungers for you. Connected we travel endlessly, Through infinite time and space.

Picking Weeds and Finding Flowers

Every so often it’s good to examine your environment and the people and things around you to make sure they bring positive energy into your life. As you begin to let joy flow freely into your life, you may find yourself wanting to share this new found beauty with everyone around you which may not always be possible. It’s important to understand and accept that you can’t fix everyone. Sometimes … Read More

Phoenix Rising

I’ve had my share of failures in this life, some I thought would be the end of me, but by the grace of God, I’ve always survived and pushed on. There are so many moments, both failures and successes, which have shaped me over the past 28 years. Every moment and opportunity, both taken and not taken, point us in the next great direction of our lives; even if we … Read More

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