A little about me...

Hannah Claire Macias


You know that feeling of being a new hire and you're sitting in a room of strangers and your boss asks you to share "fun facts" about yourself? That's what this feels like, ha! Well if I must share some sound bytes of who I am, here's the basics: I am a San Diego local, I love the beach and spending time outdoors, taking pictures, dancing and listening to my music way too loud with the windows rolled down. I am a multi-passionate dreamer with a "jack of all trades" kind of spirit- if you teach me, I am willing to learn just about anything!

I've spent most of my life working within the local church but in this season I am focusing primarily on singing, songwriting and creating wonderful serenade experiences for you and your loved one. Songs and Seasons is quite literally a "God-dream" born out of a broken heart. I came into 2021 bruised up and battered (like many of us have felt collectively!) and needed something to refresh my spirit. I felt stuck, burnt out, and hopeless... and then God told me- "hey girl, start dreaming again." And boom! Here we are. I am fully committed to this season to bring you the very best serenade experience, as I am what they call a hopeless romantic and I LOVE, love! Your stories of romance deserve to be coupled with the beauty of music. (just typing that out makes my heart swell!)

As we journey together, I hope to share my process authentically and honestly as possible! I fully believe that the road trip is always better than the actual destination. So let's go! Make sure to follow me on instagram for all updates on Songs and Seasons as well as my journey as an entrepreneur and human. 

I can't wait to meet you!

xo, Hannah