4 Aspects of Fearless Living

What does it mean to live fearlessly?

To me, living fearlessly means allowing myself to slow down and step back from the chronic busyness of the world. It means choosing some things for myself and my family that are contrary to popular culture. It means taking time to disconnect from technology without FOMO. It means putting rest and recovery above the endless to-do lists. It means being present through the ups AND the downs of life. And it means trusting God to carry me through all the storms without grumbling about yesterday or worrying about tomorrow.

How does one live fearlessly?

I think this question likely has a very unique answer for every individual. For me personally, it’s been one heck of a long journey. Back in 2013, I took the plunge to get off all prescription medication. After almost fifteen years of being heavily medicated, addicted, sick, tired, and nearly dead, I knew something had to change. I spent that year weaning off all my psych meds and swapped the pharmaceutical life for one focused on true recovery and holistic health. At the end of that year, everything about me had changed. It was like a veil had been lifted from my eyes that once hid all of the sickness inside and around me. So in January 2014, I packed up the few things I owned into my car, left the only comfortable misery I knew, and started my life over again.

These are the 4 points that have made my current life and state of being possible:

Spiritual Health: I am a devout follower of Jesus Christ. It took a long, winding road to get to this place, but it’s where I am firmly planted. And my spiritual life is the center of everything that I do. It’s what has ultimately led me to the freedom from mental illness and addiction and the truly fearless life I am so blessed to be living now.

Positive Nutrition: I eat a primarily organic, whole food diet. With all the toxic fake foods and mystery ingredients these days, I’m also a big believer in cooking from scratch. Not only is it better for our bodies, it’s also way better for the budget! My shopping lists consist of mainly dry bulk goods, fresh produce, and a little pasture raised meat, dairy, and eggs.

Holistic Wellness: After getting off prescription medication, I was able to begin trying more natural approaches to manage the lingering symptoms I still struggled with. This has included herbal and vitamin supplements, high quality essential oils, and holistic therapies like massage and chiropractic. I’ve also cut out all of the toxic beauty and household products I used to use and replaced them with toxin-free alternatives.

Simple Living: One of the biggest things I left behind when I started over was my love affair with stuff. From an early age, shopping was my favorite coping strategy when I felt overwhelmed with life. But I’ve learned a few very valuable lessons from downsizing my life: Stuff does not make us who we are. Presence is WAY more important than presents when it comes to the people in your life. And living with less means more freedom mentally, physically, and financially.

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