3 Small Things That Lead to Big Results

I’ve always struggled with perfectionism and burnout, especially in my years as an entrepreneur. And I know this is a common struggle for many others like me. I’ve found myself so many times struggling to launch because it’s never quite good enough in my mind. Or taking on so many things that my body crashes and puts me out for multiple weeks. It’s been a tough learning curve over the years, but by building better habits, you can have the business of your dreams and not lose your mind in the process. Here’s three tips that have helped me be more productive in my business while still caring for my mind and body:

1. Slow Down. Contrary to popular belief, when we try to take on the everything too fast, committing to too many things, saying yes to every opportunity that comes our way, we end up losing. Because seriously, we’re not built to run on turbo all the time. If you’re living like this or running your business this way, take a word of advice from a recovering workaholic, just stop it right now. You’re going to burn out hard and fast and be useless for your family, friends, and your business. Small bursts of momentum are much more productive than trying to run on full capacity 100% of the time.

2. Think Small. Yes, I’m aware this one may sound contrary to pretty much everything you’ve ever been told about success, but let me explain. I know you probably have amazing dreams and ideas for incredible projects but you also have a to do list that is a mile long and you can’t seem to get ANY of it completed most days. Does that sound like you? I know I’m guilty as well… I’ve found that when we try to take on everything on that huge to do list at once, our brains kind of shut down from the sheer magnitude of everything on our plate. Instead of taking it all at once, pick 3 small tasks every day to complete and finish them that day. They may be tiny pieces of a much bigger project, like writing a single email or letter, or posting one thing online, or watching one business building video. But every little step matters. Do what you can, with what you have, in the moment.

3. Ask for Help. That’s right superheroes, you can’t do it all alone. This point has been one of the toughest for me over the years. I’m the kind of person that tries to do ALL THE THINGS myself because it’s so hard for me to watch them be done (or not done) by someone else and not to my own (usually ridiculous) standards. Thankfully I’ve learned to relinquish control a lot more over the years and delegate. Dude. DELEGATE! Especially if you’re a working mom supporting a family, please let your people help you! I know how we mompreneurs can be, we wants our homes AND our businesses to be sparkly clean and successful. But GIRL. You can’t do it alone. Recruit the people you live with! Even if it’s not done “perfectly” (whatever that even means!?) DONE is better than PERFECT! Which leads me to my final point…

Done is Better Than Perfect! Repeat that statement again to yourself… DONE is better than PERFECT! Please stop striving. Pause, take a deep breath and look at your life. Are you being honest with yourself and true to who you actually are? Or are you trying to live up to what someone else has done in their business or something you’ve seen on Pinterest? Your unique style and vision is a gift. Embrace it! And just remember that whatever your big dreams are, you get there one small step at a time!




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