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An unforgettable serenade experience awaits.

So first things first, what is a serenade anyway? 

A few things come to mind when I hear this word. I picture John Cusack standing outside his lover's window with a boombox trying to recapture her heart. I imagine a scene of a beautiful woman in a black and white film singing for a mysterious gentleman like Humphrey Bogart or Marlon Brando. 

I see in my mind's eye a charming European guitarist singing to a couple at a table during a romantic evening in Italy or France. 

The term "serenade" comes from the Italian word serenata and whatever form the serenade finds itself, whether blaring from the stereo of an angsty 20 something or alive in the heart of a musician on a street in downtown, there is one main purpose for a serenades' existence: love. 

Here at Songs & Seasons we take to heart the Scripture found in Zephaniah 3:17: "[God] will take great delight in you, he will quiet you with his love, he will rejoice over you with singing.”  It is my goal and dream to create a sacred moment to celebrate and sing about the true love found between you and your partner. I am committed to creating an experience where you and your loved one can slow down and let the world around you become a tender blur; a moment where all you can see, hear or think about is your beloved and the affection you have for them. 

I cannot wait to serenade you and celebrate the love you and yours share. 

To see a glimpse of the magic of one of our serenade experiences take a look at Jeromie and Kim's evening below.

jeromie and kim 1.jpg

Fall in love all over again.

let's get started creating the perfect date with your loved one.


Valentine's Day Weekend OPEN for bookings!

February 13th & 14th

Limited spots available


"What I loved most was the uniqueness of the experience. It was so enjoyable to create an evening that stood out."


"Made us feel young and in love for the first time again."