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    Four Little Beans

    I’ve been on a journey the past several months to start homestead living, however slowly it may grow, to provide a more sustainable life for my family. This process has included the switch to making just about all our food from scratch, downsizing possessions and disposable expenses, and decreasing our commitments outside of our time together. But it’s also involved using every bit of land we can get our hands on, building some new garden beds and revamping some old ones at my parents’ house over the summer. And foraging and gleaning in other local gardens and forests as it has been available.

    So my parent’s neighbor has a hefty vegetable garden that borders the backyard and she planted some bean stalks right up against the fence for my youngest son to be able to pick and eat them over the summer. But now that the growing season has ended, there was a scraggly, overgrown bean pod dangling the other evening I picked and proceeded to remove the four beans inside. For the remainder of the evening I held them in my hand periodically and looked at them with gratitude to God as this realization hit me… Continue reading…